Handles your life changes easily and accurately

TurboTax Standard for tax year 2016

Includes 8 returns

We have you covered

  • We ask you easy questions
  • Carry forward your previous year’s return
  • We search over 400 deductions and credits to maximize your deductions
  • Optimize your RRSP and pension income
  • We double-check your return

Get a jumpstart with Auto-fill My Return

Download your 2016 tax info directly from the CRA in just a few clicks. We'll automatically import your tax slip information into your return. It’s fast, easy, and accurate.

Importing your data!

We search for missed deductions

Just answer simple questions about your life situation, and TurboTax identifies which credits and deductions are applicable to you - and then claims them. Plus we search over 400 deductions that you can look for to help maximize your refund.

Do you have dependents?

Transfer last year's tax info into this year's return

If you used TurboTax last year, you can transfer your 2015 tax data into TurboTax. Transferring will save you time, improve the accuracy of your return, and help to identify any unused credits you may qualify for from last year.

We help optimize your RRSP contributions

The TurboTax RRSP Optimizer helps you to determine the best RRSP contribution for you and your spouse by showing how different RRSP contribution amounts affect your refund (or tax owing).

Expect more with TurboTax

Expect more with TurboTax

Get your maximum refund

We guarantee you'll get your maximum refund.1 It's as easy as that.

100% accurate

Our calculations are 100% accurate and your taxes will be done right, guaranteed.2

Security is our top priority

TurboTax works hard to safeguard your information so you can file your taxes confidently.

Support when you need it

Technical questions? Tax advice? Product ideas? No matter what's on your mind, or when, we want to hear from you.

Security is built into everything we do

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Unbiased reviews of TurboTax Standard

The following reviews are all provided, word-for-word, by people who've used TurboTax Standard. We work with a third-party to collect the reviews - and we promise that we don't edit them or pick & choose our favourites. As a result, we hope these unbiased reviews will help you make the right decision about choosing TurboTax.

Microsoft Windows System Requirements


  • 1 Ghz or faster

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 ou
  • Windows 7

Internet Browser:

  • Internet Explorer 9.0 or greater


  • 512 MB RAM or more

Hard Disk Space:

  • 120 MB free hard drive space (approximately).
  • If Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4 is not installed already, you need additional hard disk space:
    • For 32-bit Windows: 850 MB
    • For 64-bit Windows: 2GB

Internet Connection:

  • 56 Kbps or higher (Broadband connection recommended)


  • 1024 X 768 minimum resolution
  • 16-bit or higher colour

CD Drive:

  • CD drive required if you are installing from a CD

Third Party Software:

  • Adobe Reader 10 or higher (or compatible PDF reader)


  • Windows-compatible soundcard and speakers or headphones to play multimedia


  • Windows-compatible printer

Note: TurboTax may be installed on two computers and must be activated via Internet or telephone prior to first use.