Filing an Income Tax Return? Choose TurboTax.
Canada's #1 Best-Selling Tax Software1

Millions of Canadians have trusted TurboTax to get their taxes done right.2

What do you expect from income tax software? For starters, it should be easy, right? It should be affordable... and come with plenty of support along the way (because you're not a tax preparer, after all). And it should be 100% accurate & compliant with to-the-moment CRA tax laws.

We'd expect the same thing, if we were you. That's why TurboTax gives you all of that... and more, like:

  • Tools to search through your income tax return & track down every deduction you qualify for
  • Tailored editions... so you don't pay for features you don't need
  • Enough returns for you & your whole family to complete and file

PLUS! TurboTax comes in 3 personal and 2 business editions. Read on to find out more.

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Canada Income Tax Return

Users Agree: It's Easy.

"I started using TurboTax 5-6 years ago when my dad started buying it and found it extremely easy to follow and use. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a smooth & easy tax experience."
"Szear", TurboTax Standard User Review

Canada Income Tax Return Deductions

Finds Big Deductions.

Since 1998, TurboTax has helped Canadians find over $2 billion in tax deductions.

PLUS! Trust our maximum refund guarantee.3

Canada Income Tax Return for Business

Great for Businesses, Too.

"Walks you through your return every step of the way. Catches any omissions and errors. ...Just like having a personal tax accountant on my computer."
"Music Mahn", TurboTax Home & Business User Review

Personal Income Tax Return
3 Editions for Personal Income Tax Returns

TurboTax is available in 3 editions for personal taxes:

  1. Basic, for simple tax returns
  2. Standard, for step-by-step guidance & deduction maximizers
  3. Premier, for people with investments & income from rental properties

Basic and Standard come with 8 returns for net income over $20K, while Premier has 12 returns. For more returns, choose TurboTax 20 (20 returns). Also consider TurboTax Suite, featuring Quicken & TurboTax!

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Business Income Tax Return
2 Editions for Business Tax Returns

TurboTax is available in 2 editions for business taxes:

  1. Home & Business, for self-employed people
  2. Business Incorporated, for businesses with a T2 corporate tax return to file

TurboTax Home & Business now includes 12 returns for net income over $25K - and lets you easily and confidently do your personal & self-employment taxes in one place.

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TurboTax Guarantee Icon 100% Accurate. 100% Easy. 100% Guaranteed.

All TurboTax products are built with the expertise of tax analysts & specialists - so you can trust that your taxes are done right. In fact, we guarantee the accuracy of your return4 as well as your satisfaction.5 So there's no risk!

And TurboTax also checks your return for errors before you file. That way, you file the most accurate return possible.

Choose TurboTax Support Centre Includes Full Tech Support - So You're Never Alone.

In addition to building clear, easy guidance right into our software, TurboTax includes FREE email support and Web-based product support, including FAQs - at minimum.6 TurboTax Standard, Premier, Home & Business and Incorporated also include FREE technical support by phone.7

The result? You get the answers you need... when you need them. Offering plenty of support is just one of many ways TurboTax tries to simplify taxes, so you can save time & money (compared to paying a tax preparer).

Income Tax Return - Deduction Toolbox Image

Helps You Find More Income Tax Deductions. (FYI: There Are 400+ Available to Canadians.)

Want to find more deductions so you pay less... or get a bigger refund? The TurboTax Deduction Toolbox includes easy tools, like the A-to-Z List of Deductions, to help you uncover hidden dollars as you complete your return. Then, when your return is nearly complete, we even run a special check to make sure we haven't missed a single deduction along the way.

So none of your deductions slip through the cracks. And you get back every penny you deserve.

Canada Income Tax Return - Refund Display Screenshot

Makes Your Income Tax Return So Easy.

Put away the tax manuals. Recycle your tax forms. With TurboTax, you won't need any of those anymore.

  • Asks you easy questions: No tax jargon here, thanks to the EasyStep™ Interview. Just easy-to-answer, plain-English questions.
  • Displays your refund as you go: TurboTax displays your refund (or tax owed) on every screen and updates the amount as you answer questions. So you can see the effect of a deduction almost instantly.
  • Requires less data entry: TurboTax carries forward info from your prior-year tax returns (TurboTax or Ufile). So, even if this is your first year filing, you can trust that, going forward, you'll never have to worry about searching for old tax forms again.

Plus, the TurboTax Automated Tax Return helps you do your return in little more than a single click. Just import your electronic tax slips, and TurboTax enters the data in the right tax forms. Voila!

Choose TurboTax with NETFILE Logo / Screenshot

Simplifies Income Tax Filing Online with NETFILE. (So You Can Get Your Refund Faster.)

File online8 - and get your refund faster while making the eco-friendly, paper-free choice. (Not to mention saving a stamp.)

Prepare your return with TurboTax, and then file online with NETFILE9 or Corporate Internet Filing,10 for incorporated businesses. Most people even get their refunds in as little as 8 business days.